What types of cases do personal injury lawyers handle?

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types of cases pi attorneys work with

Personal injury lawyers are those warriors who seek justice for those involved in injuries due to the negligence of other people. They stand with you in those moments when you need a helping hand and fight with you efficiently.

He will seek justice and fight for the compensation you deserve. He acts as a personal legal litigator who helps you seek justice against the suffering and damages you may face due to the negligence of another party. In essence, injury lawyers are responsible for handling the settlement amount. He takes every aspect of the case into consideration and demonstrates the damages that affect their clients in both long and short terms.

These damages may include all types of suffering, like medical expenses, loss of wages, mental distraction, physical injury, or damage to property resulting from auto accidents. Personal injury attorneys can handle a wide range of cases.

Here are some common

Types of cases that personal injury lawyers handle:

types of cases do personal injury lawyers handle


Motor vehicle accidents can include bus accidents, car accidents, bike accidents, motorbike accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bus accidents.

As soon as possible after an accident, contact a personal injury lawyer.

It is crucial to capture evidence at the accident site. This includes any security camera footage and eyewitness statements. Also, photographs of the crash scene and road conditions. If you don’t act quickly to preserve and secure the evidence, all of this can become lost.

A personal injury lawyer with experience will immediately begin investigating your case and build it. The deadlines for filing personal injury and insurance claims must be met. Any difficulties you may face can be handled by an attorney who is familiar with the law and the court system. Although insurance companies will try to find any reason to deny you compensation, a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with the industry and how they deal with them can negotiate for you the right amount.


California premises liability law imposes a duty on property owners to ensure the safety of their tenants. Property owners have a duty to ensure that their property, business, or home is safe for visitors. There may be a difference in the level of liability depending on whether an individual is a guest at work, a social guest, or a trespasser. Premises liability law covers a variety of cases, including:

  • Harmful chemicals or materials
  • Slip and falls
  • Poisoning
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Negligent security
  • Faulty wiring
  • Inadequate lighting

A personal injury lawyer who is experienced in premises liability can help you hold negligent property owners responsible for any injuries you may have sustained.


To protect consumers, consumer protection laws were created to ensure that businesses only market safe products. Even with all the regulations and standards in place, defective products may still be sold to consumers.

You have legal rights if you are injured by a defective product. If dangerous products are created, manufactured, or sold by companies, they can be held responsible. An experienced personal injury lawyer who has experience with product liability cases may be able to bring negligent manufacturers to justice for you and obtain fair and full compensation. You should ensure that your injury lawyer is knowledgeable in product liability cases. It’s even more valuable if the experience is related to the product in your case.


Medical malpractice refers to the negligent treatment of a patient by healthcare professionals, such as nurses and doctors. They may have to compensate the victim for their injuries if they fail to meet a reasonable standard of care. Medical negligence can be defined as any of the following: misdiagnosis, mistakes in anesthesia, prescribing the wrong drug, or errors in surgery.

These cases are often very complex and technical and require extensive resources to gather evidence. These cases can be very difficult to prove, as the patient must prove that the injury was caused in part by errors made by the medical staff.


Workers’ compensation is available to workers who are hurt while at their job. Employers hold workers’ compensation insurance to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and disability benefits. These cases may require considerable negotiation with the insurance companies that pay the compensation on the employer’s behalf.


Although assault of any type is a crime in itself, a victim can also bring a civil case against the perpetrator.

A civil action is usually filed to seek compensation for personal injuries sustained as a result. This includes costs for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and long-term emotional trauma which will require therapy and rehabilitation. These cases can cause a lot of anxiety and shame, and they are difficult to navigate. An experienced personal injury lawyer can hold the guilty parties responsible.


Traumatic injuries can result from an accident. You may be able to claim compensation for your injuries or suffering. You will need a well-respected, established personal injury law firm to represent you. Before you make a decision, ensure you do your research thoroughly and consult with several lawyers. Consider their success rates and reviews concerning your case. A strong and experienced personal injury lawyer can make a big difference. John W. Stenson Accident & Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles can arrange a complimentary consultation.

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