Personal Injury Law in Los Angeles

Understanding Personal Injury Law in Los Angeles

At the Law Offices of John Stenson, I provide experienced legal representation to individuals who have been injured and lost loved ones due to others’ negligence and reckless mistakes. I am a compassionate and trusted professional with years of experience helping accident victims and their families get the compensation they deserve. If you are suffering as a result of another person’s carelessness or the recklessness of a big corporation, I can help. I will go above and beyond to hold the parties responsible accountable and deliver the results you deserve.

I will fight hard to recover the financial compensation you deserve and offer personalized service and aggressive legal representation for all types of injury and accident cases, including:

  • Accidents
  • Nursing Home Injury
  • Personal Injury

Have you been in an accident and seek compensation for your injuries?

Regardless of the nature of your accident, I am ready and available to help you recover maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. I have experience practicing personal injury law, and I have a long record of success helping my clients recover just compensation through insurance settlements and, when necessary, at trial. I will take the approach that every case is unique, and work one-on-one with you to uncover the key details that I can use to hold the insurance companies financially accountable for your losses.

What can you expect when you hire a personal injury attorney? At the law offices of John w. Stenson, when I take your case, I will:

  • Undertake a complete and thorough investigation of the accident
  • Identify all potential sources of liability
  • Ensure that you receive the medical care you need now and, in the future,
  • Make sure that your current and future medical bills are paid
  • Fight to recover fair compensation for your pain, suffering, and other non-financial losses
  • Work to secure a full recovery of your lost wages, future earnings, and out-of-pocket expenses

Finding the Best to Take on Your Injury Case

When you need to recover financial compensation after an accident, your choice of legal representation matters. At the law offices of John W. Stenson, I know what it takes to battle the large insurance companies. I am highly regarded for my exceptional courtroom skills, and the insurance companies and other large corporations know that I will fight for every dollar to the very end. While I aggressively negotiate every case for a quick and high-value settlement, if a fair settlement is not on the table, I will be fully prepared to take your case to trial. I know what your case means to you, and I do not want you to settle for a dollar less than you deserve.

Choosing the Right Accident Attorney to Represent You
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