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Motorcycle accidents can often be life-altering for the victim. Some of the most common injuries range from bone fractures to brain injuries. Not to mention that bad accidents lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs, medical bills, physical stress, pain, and loss of wages.

At John Stenson, we have a team of some of the best, most experienced lawyers that have helped victims of motorcycle accidents receive compensation. We understand the law surrounding motorcycle injuries. It is worth understanding that a skilled attorney like us can mean the difference between no compensation and the compensation you deserve with a well-positioned motorcycle accident case!

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How Can A LA Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help You?

The first and most important thing is not to settle with the insurance company. Do not under any circumstance accept their lowball settlement offer, especially if you have had a serious collision. Insurance companies try to escape liability by pressuring clients, aka victims, into settling for less than what it should be worth.

An experienced law firm like ours knows exactly how much you should get paid and will fight on your behalf to get it. Our team of experts can help by calculating an estimate and then using that to negotiate on your behalf with the insurer. If the insurer refuses our offer, your claim can be taken to court and all without it costing you anything upfront.

The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Los Angeles

The very first step is to identify the cause of the motorcycle accident; this will help us seek financial compensation. California is considered a fault car insurance state, which means that the party at fault will need to lawfully pay for the losses to motorcycle accident victims. The party causing the accident will need to pay your medical bills, cover repairs, noneconomic damages as a result, and loss of income. Either one or multiple parties could be at fault for your injuries.

  • Driver – A distracted driver or one that is negligent could crash into your motorcycle, and in that case, their insurer will owe you for all damages. The driver could have also been texting and driving or distracted by something thus leading to an accident.
  • Roadway issues – Motorcycles are highly vulnerable to road defects. If there is storm debris, gravel, potholes, or rubble, it can lead to a motorcycle wreck. In that case, you have a case against the City of Los Angeles because they fail to properly maintain the roads.
  • Faulty vehicle part – If there is a tire blowout, electrical problems or maybe brake failure, or even any other defect that can lead to an accident. In that case, the motorcycle’s manufacturer will owe you owing to the law of product liability.


The majority of motorcycle accident claim types are tort claim cases. A tort claim seeks to hold the negligent party accountable for damages. However, we, as your attorneys, will need to prove that the defendant was the cause of the accident that led to your injury.


Common Motorcycle Accident-Related Injuries

A motorcycle accident is very seldom minor; if anything, the injuries are often severe. Motorcyclists have hardly any protection apart from the helmet and pads they may be wearing, which, compared to a car, do not offer them as much protection even during low-speed collisions. That’s why when a motorcyclist collides with another vehicle, they are 28 times more likely to lose their lives compared to the vehicle’s occupant (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.)

Los Angeles motorcycle accidents are also more severe. That’s why it is so important that the motorcycle rider injured in an accident reach out to a reputed motorcycle accident law firm like ours.

Permanent injuries and those that are catastrophic are highly common in the event of serious motorcycle accidents. Many times, the survivors have to live with the repercussions for life. Some of the most common lifelong injuries include paralysis, brain damage, and scars. Not to mention the emotional and psychological trauma resulting from the collision. Working with us (experienced motorcycle accident attorneys) will ensure that you get maximum compensation, which considers tangible and intangible damages.



California Helmet Law

Most motorcycle riders know that wearing a helmet can reduce the instance of a serious head injury or, even worse, brain injury in the event of an accident. That’s why California has a helmet law. The statute mandates that every motorcyclist needs to wear a helmet when driving. If the rider isn’t wearing a helmet, it could result in a traffic citation and a fine. Plus, if not wearing a helmet, it is something that the defendant’s lawyer can use against you (the rider).

Not wearing a helmet is technically breaking the law in California, which is why the defendant could use this as a reason to place liability on the rider. But this may require connecting the injuries to not wearing a helmet. This means it the injuries are brain, head, and face injuries which can complicate motorcycle accident claims.

Being an injured motorcyclist, with traumatic brain injuries does not automatically give you grounds to receive compensation if you are not wearing a helmet during a motorcycle accident. However, all riders are advised to wear a helmet to help save them from common motorcycle accident injuries.

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