What are the Most Common Type of Injuries Resulting in Personal Injury Cases?

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Accidents Result in a Wide Variety of Injury Types

Many types of injuries can result from any type of accident. Each part of the body can sustain different types of injuries. The force applied to the body during an accident will determine the type of injury as well as the severity.

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Common Type of Injuries Resulting in Personal Injury Cases

Car Accident Injuries are Common After a Collision 

Vehicles collide and kinetic forces are applied suddenly to the body. The body has a limited tolerance for these heavy forces. In car accidents, the body can be damaged by impacting the interior of the car. These are some of the injuries that can be sustained in an automobile accident:

  • Brain Injuries can be caused by direct blows to the head from an object or interior of the vehicle or by a sudden acceleration due to the change in velocity. This causes the brain’s Axons to stretch out to the point that they tear, also called “shearing”.
  • Spinal Injuries can be caused by the sudden jarring movement of the spine in a vehicle accident. You can sustain neck injuries from whiplash, as well as injuries that affect the back, due to damage to the muscles, ligaments, and vertebrae around the spine or the disks, nerves, and/or vertebrae around the spinal cord.
  • Chest Injuries can be caused by pressure on the sternum from the seatbelt or impact with the steering wheels, especially if a seatbelt has been removed. These injuries can be reduced by using airbags.
  • Knee Injuries can happen when the knees strike the interior of the vehicle under the dashboard or because of hyper-extension or severe twisting of the legs. These injuries can include fractures of the patella (knee cap), or tears to the meniscus and ligaments in the knee.
  • Shoulder injuries can be caused by reaching out for a steering wheel with your arms extended, which can tear the rotator or tendons. Whiplash can also cause subacromial impingement syndrome.

Injuries Commonly Sustained in Slip & Fall Accidents


Serious injuries can result from a slip, trip, or fall on public or private property. These may include the following most common injuries:

  • Head Injuries can occur when the head strikes the ground forcibly and sometimes cause traumatic injuries.
  • Spinal Injuries can be caused by either blunt trauma to your spine from an impact with ground or twisting movements from a fall or attempts to recover after a fall.
  • Hip and Pelvis Injuries include fractures of the proximal, upper, or both of the femurs, as well as the acetabulum or a portion. It is possible to have a hip dislocation.
  • Knee Injuries can be caused by the direct impact of the knees on the ground or twisting or hyperextending the legs. Fractures, dislocations, Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries (ACL), Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries, and Collateral Ligament Injuries as well as Meniscal Tears and Tendon Tears can all be considered injuries.
  • Bone fractures can be caused by the body’s impact on the ground, forcible twisting or the outstretched arms that a fall victim uses as a brace.

Injuries commonly sustained in accidents involving industrial equipment

Many industrial injuries are caused by defective products or equipment. Some examples of injuries include:

  • Burn Injuries that result from the use of dangerous machinery at the work site.
  • Crush Injuries and Amputations involving Mangling. Total or partial loss of fingers or arms, legs, feet, or toes.
  • Avulsions are injuries that cause degloving (i.e. Avulsions are the removal of large amounts of skin from the underlying tissues.

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Personal Injury Attorneys at John W. Stenson

Personal Injury Attorneys at John W. Stenson

Our attorneys are available to help you with your injury claim. They will work with your doctors and technical experts to prove the extent of your injuries. For a free evaluation, call our Los Angeles office at (310) 846-1709


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